Why “Women”??

May 23, 2007 at 5:05 pm | Posted in Sheeko | Leave a comment

Something has been bothering my mind for a long time now, and I assume this issue has been debated before (or at least I hope). Nevertheless I feel I have to bring this matter to the surface in order to clear it from my head. What I can’t understand is why there is a “Women” section on SOL.

Is it so that we women have certain needs, specific to us, that we need to discuss? In that case shouldn’t this forum only be open for us ladies??

Is it a forum where men can tribute, complain, or simply ask about the womenfolk? If so, in the name of equality why is there not a “Men” section??

I have not read much of what has been posted, let alone posted myself, on this forum, but I would guess its mainly about the relationships between men and women – things that concern both sexes. Wouldn’t it therefore be more suitable to call it “Relationships”?

What were they thinking when they named this forum? “We need a forum for ideas, health, marriage… hmm… what should we call it… of course Women”. Doesn’t really make sense.

I hope I’m wrong, but I’m convinced that the intent was to have a forum that attracts women, implying that most women do not interest or partake in intellectual debates, politics, sports etc. Therefore subjects that were of interest for women (!) were gathered to one forum AND (here comes the worst part) to make sure they, we women that is, could orientate themselves to the “right” forum the section was tagged “Women” … just to be sure.

It’s like when we’re going to the ladies room, the door is clearly marked so that we won’t mistaken and become embarrassed.

Why wasn’t the sport section labeled “Men”? Or simply why not just call things for what they are, not for whom it was intended… I find it demeaning!


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