Read more about me, the author of this little book, and the things that I like to do. Also, if you have time, read through some of my past works of wroitings.

I was born on Mogadishu in Southern Somalia. When I was 19 years old I came to the Indonesia, where I received an excellent education thanks to the wonderful teachers and professors I had in college. though most of the time I’d rather be huddled up in front of a computer screen.

Personal Info

Growing up online, I became fascinated with almost everything digital. I consider myself a self-taught web designer and an avid web coder. Designing websites has been a long passion of mine. I began making websites in 1996, when I was 13 years old, and I have continued doing so ever since. Aesthetically, I prefer simple, elegant and uncluttered designs. Code-wise, I strive to make valid XHTML and CSS, compatible with most browsers and resolutions.



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  1. Indonesia…wow! How do you like it there?

  2. thank you for the comment abayo yh i lyk the small eyed ppl az indonesian gurls -:) joke joke wats good with the state..??

  3. fuck you man and get fingered your damn ass

  4. I don,t believe the information you have just writting about the Ajuuran History. Iam 100% sure ajuuran pple have rule somalia for more than acentury.

    Your reseach doe not give all the information and it just one theory but we have Ajuuran history that was protected and save and we are waiting for tits time to published it soon.

    iam not sure how much you are motivated to put down the Ajuuran community and if that is the case you are just westing your time.

    majerten clan were used to called Aji when did you pple become somali by writing you put up majerten as aworrior,while Ajuuran have not contribute any to somali you want to inform pple.

    We ask allah to punish those schlars who just working to undermine other gruop b/c they got education,and looking to become famours and bride.Ajuuran have long history you look the map and see what iam talking about.


  5. thanks u,re hand same guy

  6. Walal yaal waxan ahay will ajuuran ah dadisu tahay 22jir ah walal wan kufaraxsanahay midnimada i am from johannesbug

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