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Play Romeo on Valentine’s Day


Impress your woman on Valentine’s Day with everything from flowers to gentlemanly behavior. She’ll boast about you for years to come.

Don’t know how to play Romeo to her Juliet? Just follow our easy steps:

Choose a romantic restaurant
When selecting a restaurant for a special date, opt for one with subtle background music and candlelight setting. Intimate settings allow for a quiet and cozy evening. Reserve a table early, because restaurants fill up fast on Feb. 14! And for that extra touch, book a night at a romantic hotel.

Look great
Presentation is everything, especially when you want to show her how much she means to you. Has she told you how great you look in that blue shirt and black pants? Now is the time to put them on and prove you’ve been listening. Or come up with a snazzy new outfit for your hot date.

Get her flowers
Why not greet her with a dozen roses when you pick her up for your special date? Or have a romantic bouquet delivered to her that morning.

Be a gentleman
Show up on time, give her a sensual kiss hello, help her with her coat, open the passenger door for her, and head off on your memorable date together. Women value these small acts of chivalry, especially on Valentine’s Day.

details & attention

When entering the restaurant, take care of opening the door and asking the host to be seated. Taking care of such simple details like opening the door and letting her in before you, will set the evening apart from conventional dates. Many might say these details are exaggerated and useless, but women generally like a man with good manners. Women enjoy the extra attention given to them.

After properly helping her take a seat, engage yourself in a deep conversation focusing almost exclusively on her. Instead of asking her about mundane daily activities, establish a romantic discussion focused on her needs. Ask her what she likes to eat or drink. Ask her what her future plans are. In other words, tailor the conversation around her the entire evening.

By simply staring in her eyes and ignoring what is happening around you, you can focus your thoughts on her and make her feel cherished. Also, in case the waiter forgets to ask how her foods was, inquire on whether she liked it or not. Make sure her wine glass is filled when needed, and compliment her every time you have a chance.

When coffee and dessert is being served, find out what she feels like doing next. Pick up the tab, and follow through with a special evening full of surprises…

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It goes without saying that this special date will require you to wear your most attractive attire. It might be a good idea to buy yourself a new shirt or sweater, preferably in the tones or colors she likes seeing you in. Think about it, how do you react when she buys a new sexy ensemble? Once you are dressed and ready to go, stop at the local flower shop to buy her a dozen of the best-looking red roses. On your way to pick her up, make sure your hair is just right and your breath smells fresh.

To start the evening smoothly, be punctual. Being on time for your rendezvous will set the tone for a smooth and pleasant evening. When picking her up (assuming you have a car), be a gentlemen and open the car door for her. While doing so, present her with the roses and a greeting kiss. These little details of opening the car door and handing her roses might seem like fussy details to many men, but for Valentine’s Day, they are little stunts used to impress most women.

restaurant setting

Settle on a restaurant with a cozy and romantic ambiance, and don’t forget to make reservations. Preferably, choose a restaurant with good background music a candlelight setting. Opt for a small and quiet restaurant instead of a busy, mainstream one. This will accentuate the romantic tone of the evening.


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