Taariikh nololeedkii marxuum Jen. M. F. Ceydiid oo ahaa hogaamiyihii isbaheysiga SNA.

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General Mohamed Farah Aideed


1946- 1949: Mogadishu , Somalia

Primary Education.

1950- 1954: Mogadishu , Somalia

Secondary Education GCE Level

1952- 1953: Danane Training School , Somalia .

Accountant and Office Management

1953- 1954: Hamar jajab school

Accountant and completion cultural courses.

1954 – 1956: Cesano, Rome , Italy .

Pre-university advanced level study

Military academic

Professional Improvement Course

Received Nomination Lieutenant Officer

1956 – 1956: Police Training School , Mogadishu , Somalia .

Police Professional Training Course

1959 – 1960: Cesano, Rome , Italy .

Advanced Commander Course

Teacher of Military Art.

Guerilla Warfare

1963 – 1966: War strategic Academy, Frunza Academy , Russia .

Staff Duties

Received Commander Diploma.


1969 – 1975: Political detainee without trial by Siad Barre’s regime from 23 November 1969 to 21 October 1975.

1980 – 1984: Member of parliament and appointed member of Defense Committee of Somalia.

1984 – 1989: Ambassador of Somalia to India , Singapore and Sri-lank at the same time, based in Delhi , India .

1990: Elected the chairman of USC (United Somali Congress) at the second congress in Mustahil , Ethiopia .

1990 – 1991: Leading armed political movement of USC (United Somali Congress) and with the umbrella of SNM (Somali National Movement) in the north and SPM (Somali Patriotic Movement) in the south succeeded to topple the dictatorial regime of Siad Barre from Mogadishu , the capital city, in January, 1991.

1991: By majority of 2/3, re-elected as the chairman of USC and the 3rd congress held in Mogadishu in July 1991.

1991- 1992: Let the SLA (Somali Liberation Forces) in the south of Somalia and succeeded to expel Siad Bare from southern parts of Somalia in April 1992.

1992: Founding father of Somali National Alliance NSA (A coalition of Movement by the most prominent politico Military organizations of Somalia namely, The SPM, SSNM & SDM).

1993: Elected as the chairman of SNA at Bardere, Southern Somalia .

1992- 1994: Led the popular resistance against the UNOSOM (The ill-fated United Nations Military intervention to Somalia ), ending in victory and withdrawal of foreign troops.

1994 – 1995: Organizing the first ever inter-Somalia peace and reconciliation conference for Central and Southern regions held in Mogadishu . Organizing the air and land transportations, accommodations and conference facilities. This conference paved the way for a National Reconciliation Conference

1995: The establishment of a broad based Somali government with Aideed as the president.

1996: Injured by Internal and external conspiracy and later dead on 1st August 1996.


1957 – 1958: Chief of Police sub-division of Bakol district based the regional city of Hudur , Somalia .

1958: (January to December) Chief of Benadir region police division of with the capital city Mogadishu is the main city, Mogadishu , Somalia .

1959: (January to December) Chief of Lower Jubba Police Division based at the regional city, Chimayo , Somalia .

1960 – 1962: Fort Bottego ( Now Halane Training Center ) Commander and chief of staff Military Training Center , Mogadishu , Somalia .

1961 – 1963: Chief of Organization, Training, Operation and Recognizance Department of Somali National Army. Also the Director of Military engineering school. Mogadishu , Somalia .

1963 – 1966: MIliatary Attache to Russia .

1966 – 1968: Chief of Organization, Mobilization and Operation Department of Somali National Army, Mogadishu , Somalia .

1968 – 1969: Second in Command of Northern region military Sector, Hargeisa, Somalia .

1969: (July to November) Chief of Organization and Mobilization Department of Somali National Army, Mogadishu , Somalia

1975 – 1977: From October 21 to July 1977: General Manager of Aspima (State owned agency that works for medicine)

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